A.I. that's faster than you think.

Save time, automate document management, and expedite operations.

What Firebolt Can Do For You

End paperwork drudgery.

Powerful technology creates efficiencies for your biggest bottlenecks.

Computer Vision


Scan and read documents of any type.

Process Remittances


Scan checks, even those with antifraud watermarks.

Improve Any Workflow


Leverage Firebolt to automate any workflow and increase efficiencies.

Create New Tasks


Data in documents map to a database so you can automate more tasks going forward.

Keep Your Software


Firebolt integrates with whatever software you're already using.

Not Just English


Process documents in a wide variety of languages and scripts.

Firebolt, AI that learns.

Faster than you think.

How Firebolt Works

Dynamic system continues to improve and get faster over time.

Harness The Power Of Machine Learning


Firebolt scans documents and automatically maps data in fields to your database.


If there's a new field Firebolt hasn't seen before, a human trains the system with one click.


Firebolt remembers and processes the data automatically and quickly next time.

Why is Firebolt the best?

We're glad you asked.

How Firebolt is Different

Faster. Smarter. Better.

The Latest & Greatest Technology Built From The Ground Up



We built the technology from scratch, so we can make any adaptations you may desire.

Learns Faster


Firebolt is designed to learn faster than similar systems, requiring less time from your staff.

Less Expensive to Operate


Because we own the platform, we can charge less. And you'll save even more on staff time and expenses.

Interested in a demo or learning more?

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